What better time than now.

Kidsbank Chester

What better time than now.

Hi Cathy,
We’ve known about the amazing work that Kidsbank Chester has been doing for some time, and we had plans to donate baby clothes and items that we no longer needed when we had time in the near future.

However, what better time than now, this is going to be the most difficult time for the majority of people in a generation, even more so for those already in need.

With us all at home now, we set about getting our two boys (aged 6 years and 19 months old) involved, they loved collecting the clothes and items, folding and bagging them ready for collection.

They wanted to make sure that children had everything they needed, from bed linen and blankets to baby grows, every effort helps them get the best start in life.

After writing a note to go with the donation both boys watched from the window as the bags were collected, they were so excited and happy to be able to help others.

Thanks Kidsbank Chester for the opportunity, you’re an amazing local charity that keeps on giving, you’re doing a fantastic job!

Lisa, Tom, Rocky and Harrison
Great Boughton, Chester