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What We Do

At KidsBank Chester, we distribute resources from where they are abundant to where they are lacking, reducing parental stress, anxiety and depression, in turn helping children and instilling in them a sense of value and confidence.

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Sustainable Living

KidsBank Chester promotes sustainable living by encouraging recycling of children’s clothing, equipment, and toys.

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Relieving Poverty

We help relieve poverty in Chester and the surrounding area by providing good quality new and pre-owned baby items to families in need.

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Referral Process

By opting for a referral process we will be encouraging more and more families to communicate with their health professional.

People are Saying …

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Who We Are!

KidsBank Chester
Cathy Pettingale

Watching a television interview of a young mother, I was horrified by the choices she was forced to make due to poverty, choices no mother should have to make; choices between food or heat for instance. Overwhelmed with compassion I was inspired to start KidsBank Chester.

My hope is that the children we help will not have to go without essentials and that parents know there is support available from people who care.

Jenny McGrath

I believe that families form the core of our society. For each to play their part they both need and deserve as a minimum – a safe and habitable home, along with sufficient food and clothing. Sadly, child poverty is on the increase and the poor are getting poorer.

We simply can’t stand by and do nothing. KidsBank Chester is a simple way in which families can be encouraged to support those families that are struggling.

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How You Can Help

Did you know that there are more than 9,000 children living in poverty in our borough? KidsBank Chester helps by providing baby essentials for families who are struggling to cope, or facing a crisis. We are able to do this free of charge thanks to your generous donations.

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Donate Baby Items

We are always in need of excellent used or brand new baby items. Click on Donate Items written below for full details.

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Donate Cash

Cash donations support the baby items we receive. Please click on Donate Cash written below for more details on how you can make a cash donation.

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Volunteer with Us

Volunteers help us with the work we do at KidsBank Chester. Kindly click on Volunteer written below to find out more about volunteering.

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Receive Help

Families in need are referred to us by midwives, health visitors, social workers and other front line professionals in our community. If you would like to receive help from KidsBank Chester, please follow the steps below.

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Visit Referee

Visit your midwife, health visitor, social worker or other front-line professional and request for a referral to us.

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Referee Fills Form

Your Referee fills the Referral Form which can be accessed from the main menu, or by clicking here.

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Submit Form

The Referee completes the Referral Form and sends it to us by clicking on the SUBMIT button.

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We’ll Respond

Once we have received your Referral Form, we will get in touch with you, usually within 24 hours.

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Our Supporters

A big thank you to our awesome supporters and donors who are too numerous to mention. We are really grateful for your kind support and encouragement.

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…from you to us…

Every now and then at KidsBank Chester, we receive beautiful messages from you showing just how great it is for us to work together to lend a helping hand to families in need. Thank you.

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Keep in Touch!

It concerns us that the mental health of parents, particularly mothers is worsened by the lack of provision for their children. Families live with barriers of guilt and shame and feelings of failure. We believe we can help alleviate these feelings.

A lot of what we do is made possible by you. We call it helping families to help families. Through our collective efforts, children and babies living in deprivation will no longer have to go without what many would consider the basics. Keep in touch…